Tiered Capital has the expertise and experience to identify projects with the potential for extraordinary investment growth. It all begins with innovative and creative foresight, then the nuts and bolts: land acquisition, planning, construction, development, and marketing. Tiered Capital is uniquely positioned with its own established subsidiaries, such as Sherwood Construction, to perform each stage in the process, including property management and sales. Tiered Capital Investments are designed to obtain a 15 to 17 percent annual return on equity. Of course there is no guarantee, but thoughtful planning and precise execution of a strategic plan usually produce the right result.


Sustainable Communities

Tiered Capital develops both commercial and residential projects, including affordable housing and tax credit-funded residential projects. We believe it is as critically important to invest in the future of community development, as it is in the structure of the buildings themselves. We add life-building elements to each project, including computer centers, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, residential literacy, job training programs, and ADA-compliant handicap and sensory impaired units.

Outstanding Returns

Tiered Capital investments are designed to obtain a 15 to 17 percent annual return on equity.

Affordable Housing Growth

Tiered Capital expects a dramatic increase in the need for affordable housing. Spring-boarding off the multi-decade experience of subsidiary Sherwood Construction, Tiered Capital, anticipates exponential growth in its affordable housing portfolio.