What We Do

Working with investor clients to create extraordinary economic value while setting the highest standards of excellence.

Tiered Capital is a private capital firm that develops real estate, beginning with land acquisition, through construction and property management. We are a full-service real estate development company that owns its own construction company and property management firm. 

Our Approach

Providing unique solutions for complex real estate development

  • Tiered Capital develops both commercial and residential projects, including affordable housing and tax credit funded residential projects.
  • Tiered Capital Investments are designed to obtain a 15 to 17 percent annual return on equity. Of course there is no guarantee, but thoughtful planning and precise execution of a strategic plan usually produce the right result.
  • Tiered Capital expects a dramatic increase in the need for affordable housing. Spring-boarding off the multi-decade experience of subsidiary Sherwood Construction, Tiered Capital anticipates exponential growth in its affordable housing portfolio.