With a successful entrepreneurial history, Tiered Capital’s principals bring expansive knowledge when it comes to identifying unique opportunities, projects, and investments.

About Tiered Capital

Tiered Capital’s primary business activity is developing real estate, providing equity for both commercial and residential projects. Tiered Capital Investments are designed to obtain a 15 to 17 percent annual return on equity. Of course there is no guarantee, but thoughtful planning and precise execution of a strategic plan usually produce the right result.

Tiered Capital’s real estate development portfolio includes affordable housing projects and tax credit-funded residential developments. Tiered Capital expects a dramatic increase in the need for affordable housing within the following year and beyond. Spring-boarding off the multi-decade experience of subsidiary Sherwood Construction, Tiered Capital, anticipates exponential growth in its affordable housing portfolio.


Martin C. Flynn, Jr.
President & Chief Administrative Officer
Ken Jones
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Our Core Values


Achieving excellence is never easy to do. We believe it can only be realized by working harder, thinking smarter, and setting higher standards every day.


We believe in exceeding ordinary standards. We aspire to lead the way in developing quality projects, providing a means for investors to realize exceptional returns, and leaving a lasting legacy.


Every project is a reflection of our core values. We take pride in our quality standards of work, unparalleled planning, and outstanding attention to detail.


Our principals are deeply rooted in the community, and we have expertise from decades of experience. We believe our projects reflect superior standards, and it is essential to invest in the future of our community.